Navy Bean Fall Festival

Main & Front Streets Rising Sun, IN 47040

888.776.4786 or 812.438.2750

Set in the City’s historic downtown and along the scenic banks of the mighty Ohio River, the Navy Bean Festival is filled with great food including the signature Navy Bean Soup and homemade cornbread. For the perfect small town festival just add rides & games, live music, a parade, and even more Navy Bean Soup. (Yes…it’s THAT good!) 

Parade Rules

Date & Time

     Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 10:30am

Parade Line Up

  • 8:30: Judged Entries at Rising Sun High School
  • 9:00: Judged Entries must be in line and prepared to be judged
  • 9:00: Non-Judged Entries assigned numbers
  • 9:30: Antique Tractors at the Library on Second St.
  • 9:30: Horses & Drawn Entries at the Ohio County Fairgrounds

All parade entries are required to register by October 9, 2014. Please mail entries to: Navy Bean Fall Festival Parade, PO Box 198, Rising Sun, IN 47040 or drop off at the Rising Sun Main Street Office on the corner of Main and Walnut Streets. Judging begins at 9:00a, and entries must be present in lined up to be judged.


  • First Prize $500
  • Second Prize $300
  • Third Prize $200
  • Fourth prize $100


Entries are assessed based on a point system awarded according to:

  • Appearance: 40 points
  • Workmanship: 30 points
  • Originality: 30 poin

Rule Enforcement and Decorum

Spotters will be stationed along the parade route to insure the all rules and safety guidelines are followed.

Parade Route

  • Starting on Henrietta turn right onto Main and proceed to Walnut
  • Turn right onto Walnut and proceed to Second Street
  • Turn left onto Second and proceed to Poplar
  • Turn right onto Poplar and proceed to First Street
  • Turn left on First and end at the High School
  • Horses on horse drawn wagons will turn right on Mulberry and proceed to Fourth Street, turning left on Fourth to return to the Fairgrounds 


Floats may be pulled with a tractor or truck.

Vehicles / Trucks

Cars, vans, and trucks are permitted in the parade, and they my be decorated or have a sign hanging from the side. No riders will be permitted to stand in the backs of truck. Riders in the back of trucks must be sitting on a seat (chair, hay bale, etc.) or on the floor of the truck cab. The tailgate must be in the locked position at all times during the parade. No riders are permitted to ride on the side of the truck, the side of the truck bed, tailgate or top of the truck cab. Violators will be puled from the parade by the Rising Sun Police Department or an authorized person.


All riders must wear a helmet if under the age of 18 (No Exceptions). All riders under 10 years of age must ride with an adult. Only one rider is allowed per vehicle.


All riders must wear a helmet if under the age of 18 (No Exceptions). All riders under 10 years of age must ride with an adult.

Antique Tractors

All antique tractors will line up on Second Street across from the Public Library. Sign in for a parade number and line-up.

Horses / Wagons

All horseback riders / wagons will unload at the Ohio County Fairgrounds, Fourth Street and Fairground Road, and sign in for a parade number to line up.

  1. Floats must be pulled with a tractor or truck. Riders in the back of a truck pulling a float must be seated and secure. No riders other than the driver are permitted on a tractor pulling a float.
  2. Treats and/or other items distributed from unites will be by someone walking alongside of a unit. Absolutely no throwing from units. This is for safety purposes.
  3. No obscene or offensive material will be permitted. Offenders will be removed from the parade line-up.
  4. Drinking of alcoholic beverages prior to and during the parade will not be tolerated. Offenders will be disqualified and removed from the parade line-up.
  5. No smoking on or near parade units.
  6. Insurance for Public Liability and Property Damage is strongly recommended.
  7. Parade participants should be appropriately and attractively dressed, uniformed, and/or costumed.
  8. Horseback riders and drivers of horse drawn wagons must be in control of the horse(s) at all times. Children under the age of 10 riding a horse alone must have a person walking beside them, rising alongside, or with them to help control their horse. For safety reasons, all horses will be placed at the end of the parade line-up away from loud parade entries.

Contact: Sue Scalf at 812-584-1695 or email