Navy Bean Fall Festival

Main & Front Streets Rising Sun, IN 47040

888.776.4786 or 812.438.2750

Set in the City’s historic downtown and along the scenic banks of the mighty Ohio River, the Navy Bean Festival is filled with great food including the signature Navy Bean Soup and homemade cornbread. For the perfect small town festival just add rides & games, live music, a parade, and even more Navy Bean Soup. (Yes…it’s THAT good!) 

The Menus

June 3, 1983. Ronald Reagan was two years into his eight year term. The Baltimore Orioles were just a few short months away from winning the World Series. And Cincinnati’s own, The Menus, took the stage for the very first time.

Fresh out of high school literally by hours, drummer Brandon Ryan, cordially escorted from his parents’ basement where the band had rehearsed for months, finally felt a long time goal just a tattered drumstick’s length away from coming to fruition. Yes.. finally having his first paying gig. Joined by his longtime best friend, singer and front man, Tim Goldrainer, these very young boys were probably unaware of the long, wonderful journey they were, at this very moment, on their way to embark. 

The band, deriving its name from the myriad take-out menus plastered on all of the amps and PA stacks during rehearsals, would continue to perform more than several thousands of shows nonstop well into the next three decades. They would hone their craft, polish their skills, and develop quite an elaborate stage show and amass an incredibly large and dedicated following along the way. Mixing a repertoire of original and cover tunes, their high energy, colorful, visually staggering, and often comical performances would lead them to win a number of various local music awards, including Cincinnati Magazine’s “best local band” for six years consecutively. 

Joined by keyboard player Jimi Orwig in 1989, the band would go through a number of inevitable personnel changes over the upcoming years, as they began to expand their travel, becoming one of the top draws and most popular acts on the regional music scene. Veteran axe shredder Steve Chiodi joined Brandon, Tim, and Jimi on guitar in April of 1997. In 2013, they gladly welcomed Adam Scovanneraboard, playing bass, to fully round out and nicely complete the current, solid roster.

From that very first warm summer evening, The Menus have continued to be a fan favorite and repeatedly have drawn huge numbers of crowds from all over the region and the country, still inciting rave reviews and positive word of mouth. Although a tad older now, the band shows no signs of slowing down or letting up. They couldn't be happier being part of the dream, the so often believed unattainable dream, of playing music for a living and providing entertainment for all those who welcome it. And for this, as well as their large and loyal unity of fanswho made it all possible, they are infinitely grateful.